Sensor Platform Routing & Driver App

Real Time Routing

Takes into account traffic and filled bins

An important aspect of the solution is the capability of the app to optimize the route that garbage trucks need to take through the city in order to collect the garbage as efficiently as possible.


This route is calculated based on the collected information of waste bin fill levels, skipping the empty and almost empty bins.

Cleaining the Streets

Truck Driver App

Happy work force

The garbage truck driver app calculates a map that the truck driver needs to follow in order to collect the dustbins in a most efficient way.  


The App visualizes the map and gives indications where to go next based on GPS location.  In addition, the allows the driver to give feedback on various things, such as the reason to deviate from the proposed route and the status of the bin location in terms of litter and damage.

List of bins in your account
Stay updated about the fill level, litter level, latest contact and last emptied date.
Get a clear overview of your bins and their locations.
Statistics page
Get detailed information about each bin.
Maintenance planning
Get an optimalized route to collect the full bins.
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