BrighterBins' solution consist of their unique and innovative Smart Sensors linked to its own developed Smart Platform.

 Both products contribute to an improved waste management system and offer              the ultimate solution to intelligent waste collection and route optimitization   

1. Our Smart Platform

BrighterBins' Smart Platform brings connected, high availability and scalable solution specifically designed for urban waste management. It helps accelerate the business decisions necessary to optimize waste management tasks. Sensors installed on bins send data to an intelligent and powerful cloud-based platform via the Sigfox, NBIoT and LoRaWAN network.

Smart Platform's Features

Fleet Management

Track and Trace haulers on interactive digital map and dispatch jobs with turn by turn navigation. Visualize deviation of the traversed route from the planned route. You can also view available and non-available haulers with their locations.


Manage how fill levels for your bins would look like in coming days. Learning of our smart algorithms evolve with time to identify seasonal trends and hidden patterns. This enables deliver accurate predictions for fill levels.


Notifications and Alerts Service continuously monitors the health of sensors, bin conditions and haulers to keeps you updated on the status of your assets as it changes in real-time for immediate corrective measures


To effectively manage field assets you can define geo-graphical zones of any shape and size. This enables assigning resources as per the requirements and boost organizational efficiency. It also simplifies managing large number of bins and haulers.

Reports & Analystics

Get an overview for various performance indicators such as CO2 emissions, fuel consumption, organizational efficiency and amount of garbage generated across zones and localities over period of time. These analytics fuel data driven urban planning

Real Time Routing for trucks 

Takes into account traffic and filled bins

An important aspect of the solution is the capability of the app to optimize the route that garbage trucks need to take through the city in order to collect the garbage as efficiently as possible.


This route is calculated based on the collected information of waste bin fill levels, skipping the empty and almost empty bins.

Happy work force

The garbage truck driver app calculates a map that the truck driver needs to follow in order to collect the dustbins in a most efficient way.  

The App visualizes the map and gives indications where to go next based on GPS location. 

In addition, the allows the driver to give feedback on various things, such as the reason to deviate from the proposed route and the status of the bin location in terms of litter and damage.

Data Integration API

Platform offers RESTful API for seamless integration with third-party systems and start delivering data for storage, analysis and visualization at your premises. API also offer streaming endpoint for all the sensors in your account.

2. Our Smart Sensors

Fill Level

BrighterBins accurately measures the fill level of garbage bins of different shapes and sizes and reports to the backend using Sigfox, NB IoT, and LoRa.

Fit to all Bins

(shape & size)


Adjustable sensor

Single device for wall and top mount

Fits 90% of bins

Data Analytics

The BrighterBins backend provides advanced data analytics to provide bi-annual reporting to municipalities and partners for better urban planning.

Upgraded Route Optimizations


Adaptive route learning models are used to create a powerful routing system that meets the needs of local municipal drivers, optimized to their garbage collection routes, which are not addressed today by other off-the- shelf routing tools.



2 steps to install in 15 minutes

Step #1 STICK it ON

Step #2 TURN it ON


In-house R&D solution

Effective wireless communication, even in closed metal bins

Optional external antenna

Smart Sensors' features at a glance

Fits 90% of bins!

A single device for wall or top mount with a unique adjustable tunnel that makes it possible to use in almost any bin.


67 mm (L) x 60 mm (B) x 45 mm (H)


  • Fill level detection in 90% of bins

  • Fire detection alert

  • Battery level read

  • Bin pick-up alert

Supported IoT wireless networks

  • LoRaWAN

  • SigFox

  • Narrowband IoT



between 1,5 to 5 km radius, depending on the urban density


  • non-rechargeable lithium battery

  • lasts up to 8 years of uninterrupted service 
    (update rate dependent)

Environmental specifics


Operational temperature range: -20 to +60 degrees Celcius


Remote device management & diagnostics

1. Measurement intervals

2. Event management
3. Radio transmitting power

Ready for integration in existing processes and platforms, which means we have and open API.

Get to know the platform

Download our fact-sheet in your language

List of bins in your account
Stay updated about the fill level, litter level, latest contact and last emptied date.
Get a clear overview of your bins and their locations.
Statistics page
Get detailed information about each bin.
Maintenance planning
Get an optimalized route to collect the full bins.
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Maintenance planning

Get an optimalized route to collect the full bins.