Based on research done in several cities it is estimated that when bins are emptied,

they are, on average, 40% full. 

Wouldn't it make more sense if the bin is emptied

when it's almost completely full?

"When bins are emptied when they need to be emptied, you save
Time, Money & Fuel."


Sustainable Development Goals 

Sustainable cities & communities 

Climate Action 


An investment in BrighterBins will reduce your costs of garbage pick-up.

There will be less waste on the ground so you'll have a more beautiful city. 


with current bins on the market  

Current sensors are too big &
do not fit all bins 

Too Expensive 
High Monthly fees 

Limited to one Network 
(Lora, Sigfox, NBIOT)

Too complex routing platforms not suited for integration in most city's work planning systems 

Knowing your savings with BrighterBins is simple!


Just add your information into our “Saving Calculator” and find out

how our system can reduce costs & payback your investment in less than 12 months.          

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