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About Us

About us
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"We develop and provide sensor- and route optimization solutions to waste companies, with a focus on cheap prices, simplicity and flexibility."

Read about who we are, how we came to be, our vision and our team.

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What do we provide?

BrighterBin provides complete sensor-solutions at a price yet to be matched by our competitors, with superior functionality.

The solution consists of a sensor and software that work in unison to create the most impact and easiest experience for a low cost. Our solution is evolving to create the best sensor in the market. 



How did we come to be?

Upon taking his children to the local park, Brighterbins founder Noman saw the waste littered on the ground at the playground due to overflowing public bins. On their car ride home, a garbage truck of 15+ tons was inching forward on the small urban roads of Belgium in rush hour. The smell of diesel seeping into his car and his children lungs was a painful metaphor. His children’s playground was overflowing with litter, and inefficient waste management spewed CO2 into the atmosphere.

Waste management needed change.


What if waste bins could talk to us? Noman knew the advantages of analytics and information as he had worked in CISCO within the ‘internet of things’ for many years.

Yet waste management largely relied on calculated guessing, this leads to emptying containers both too early and too late.

Noman wanted to develop sensors to be mounted inside garbage containers, as well as a software solution that uses AI to calculate the best pickup-routes.


Noman shared his ideas with Imdad Lasker, his former boss, who immediately saw the potential of the idea. Noman's expertise in IoT (internet of things) and Imdad's expertise in manufacturing resulted in the establishment of the company SmartEnds (est. 2017). SmartEnds develops products and services for IoT object detection applications. 


The BrighterBins idea sprung out when our founder Noman wanted to create a better life for his children.

The world is consuming more by the day, to sustain our living standards circular economy and care for the environment is crucial. BrighterBins helps achieve this goal.

With our products we seek to better the world with cost-cutting, cost-effective and disruptive IoT technology. 

Our Vision and values


We have a solution oriented approach. We envision  the possible outcome  and  work systematically and strategically toward a solution. 


We don't design nor manufacture novelty gadgets. Our products are for the betterment of our customers' businesses, the environment and society.

We are committed to customer satisfaction, delivering quality products and support. We go the extra mile for our clients.

The Vision
The Values


Our Management

  • Noman Ahmed Founder BrighterBins
Noman Ahmed


It didn’t take long for Noman Ahmed to make a big impact as our Chief Executive Officer. Noman Ahmed brings 20 years of product design and R&D experience from working with technology companies like Cisco Systems and Technicolor.

  • Imdad Laskar BrighterBins CoFounder
Imdad Laskar


Driven and result-oriented with a strong focus on leadership skills enabling to lead complex, global, and multi-site operations. An executive with 22 years of experience in Telco Operators and Equipment Suppliers in Europe and the Middle East.

  • Stijn Van Walle BrighterBins CoFounder
Stijn Van Walle


A professional who keeps an eye on the money. Stijn brings 10+ years of experience in finance management and finance control in multinationals and consultancy companies. He is Financial Advisor at PKF-VMB.

Our Advisors 

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Manuel Heckmann

Advisor for Investment and Business Operations

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Tinne Vettenburg

Venture Accelleration Manager

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Jonas Skattum Svegaarden

CEO Katapult Ocean


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Theodor Hauge Engesæth

Team Leader Nordics

Rob Koene.jpg
Rob Koene

Manager Sales Development The Netherlands

Noel Beinhorn

Sales Development DACH Regions

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