Our Story 

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BrighterBins is the brainchild of Noman Ahmed. Noman likes to take his children to the local park. A clean park preferably. Irritated by the overflowing public bins, he wondered: 'What if these bins could tell us when they are full? What if bins could talk?' As he was staring into the void, an idea started developing. He walked home, of course with his kids, contemplating how he could give bins a brain. 

Many a time Noman hit the steering wheel of his car in frustration, his speed reduced to a snail's pace as he trailed behind  a garbage hauler on its round. Noman felt a bout of eco-anxiety coming up, thinking of the level of CO2 emissions produced by the cars stuck in traffic. 'If these bins had brains and talked, we could empty them more efficiently and certainly not during rush hour. This would also reduce CO2 emissions,' Noman pondered. 

Noman shared his ideas with Imdad Laskar, his former boss, who immediately saw the potential of the idea. From there they started their 

entrepreneurial journey. Noman's interest in IoT, machine learning and artificial intelligence and Imdad's expertise in manufacturing and international B2B sales resulted in the establishment of the company SmartEnds (est. 2017). SmartEnds develops products and services for IoT object detection applications. 


And then one day the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. A cost-effective smart waste bin sensor with a flexible design, fit for any type of waste bin, was the answer to overflowing bins and inefficient waste pickup. After intense R&D, their idea materialised into a product. In 2019 Noman and Imdad launched their first product BrighterBins.

Our Values


We have a solution oriented approach. We envision  the possible outcome  and  work systematically and strategically toward a solution. 


We don't design nor manufacture gadgets. Our products are for the betterment of our customers' businesses, the environment or society.


We are committed to customer satisfaction, delivering quality products and support. We go the extra mile for our clients.


We don't give up  when faced with challenges and complications. We are dedicated to our purpose and goals.

Our Mission

“ Develop Smart Products & Services for Object Detection Applications ”

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop solutions that not only offer business value but also has a huge impact on our society and its environment. We believe in cultural diversity, no matter what background you have, caring about sustainability and its positive impact on the environment is crucial in order to commit to fulfill our mission. 

We aim to have a business that is not only beneficial for our partners, employees and other stakeholders, but also will contribute to a sustainable environment and a better future. 

Founded in 2017, BrighterBins is

the state-of-the-art fill-level waste bin sensor in a small and customizable design compatible with a Smart Platform with Innovative Routing. 

The world's simplest, cost effective stick-and-go solution for garbage collection



There is a lot of talk about intelligent garbage solutions. Intelligent is great, but simple and cost- effective is better.


A stick-and-go solution for garbage collection: stick it on, turn it on, and the sensor will send data on fill levels to our smart garbage management system. This will reduce garbage collection costs and, with the data collected, all aspects of waste pick up can be improved.

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BrighterBins is developed by SmartEnds, a Belgian company.

1. We have our own team of in-house experts covering software and hardware design, platform, and data analytics. We have made BrighterBins a simple 'stick-and-go' solution.

2. The sensor is a result of 4 man-years of engineering work. We use a modular design to keep costs low while maintaining consistent reliability.

3. A complete solution using proven industrialized components on a world-class cloud platform.

Our Team

Our Managers 

Noman Ahmed


  • Noman Ahmed Founder BrighterBins

It didn’t take long for Noman Ahmed to make a big impact as our Chief Executive Officer. Professionalism to a tee and never without a smile, Noman Ahmed brings 20 years of product design and R&D experience from working with Technology companies like Cisco Systems and Technicolor.

Imdad Laskar


  • Imdad Laskar BrighterBins CoFounder

Driven and result-oriented with a strong focus on leadership skills enabling to lead complex, global, and multi-site operations. An executive with 22 years of experience in Telco Operators and Equipment Suppliers in Europe and the Middle East.

Stijn Van Walle 


  • Stijn Van Walle BrighterBins CoFounder

A professional who keeps an eye on the money. Stijn brings 10+ years of experience in finance management and finance control in multinationals and consultancy companies.  He is Financial Advisor at PKF-VMB.

Our Advisors 

Geert Sonck

Market Intelligence Consultant

Tinne Vettenburg

Jonas Skattum Svegaarden

Venture Accelleration Manager

IMEC istart

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Our Engineers

Muhammad Arsalan

Cloud Architect

Ateeq Ishtiaq

Firmware Architect

CEO Katapult Ocean

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Awais Ehsan

Product Manager Hardware

Nick Koopmans

Machine Learning Architect

Abdul Rafay

Senior Backend Engineer

Ali Shahid

Field Application Engineer


Vlasgaardstraat 52, 9000 Gent Belgium

©2020 by BrighterBins.

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