" BrighterBins are amazing, they offer really competitive pricing, a dependable product and great customer support!" (CEO, Connexin, UK) 

We're happy with the product, it' working perfectly well. Great t team, always prompt."
(Head Iot & Products, Comm365, UK)

" BrighterBins has managed to create a sensor lightning fast that works, is economical and has seamless integration." (Founder, Senra)

"The Team walks you through every aspect of the device and is never hesitant incorporating the feedback into the product" (Sis.ter)

" We are excited to announce that we have officially launched our fifth batch or impact driven start-ups and for the next months, BrighterBins will participate into our tailormade, hands-on accelerator program to help scale their business. From a pipeline of over 2000 candidates, we have carefully selected 12 impressive companies, which provide groundbreaking solutions within several fields. BrighterBins is one of them. As always, Katapult Accelerator is rooted in the belief that these investments will outperform traditional investments, all while “building in the world we want to live in”. (Haakon Brunell, Managing Partner & CEO Katapult Accelerator)

" BrighterBins has shown tremendous progress in very short time and we are confident about the team to capture significant share of the global waste management market."
(Sven De Celyn, Program Manager, imec.istart)          

Vlasgaardstraat 52, 9000 Gent Belgium

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