Our solution

We're creating the simplest, cheapest, and most versatile sensor-solution for waste management in the market today. Through years of development, we've created a product that outperforms our competitors in many aspects, especially price and versatility. 

Our solution consists of our Smart Sensors and our own Smart Platform.


Versatility and flexibility are important to us. The BrighterBins solution isn't uniform, it's a dynamic system designed to be altered and expanded upon.

That's why we're happy to tailor solutions to your needs, read about our flexibility.


1. Our smart sensors


'The BrightSense module' is the cheapest sensor in the market, without sacrificing either functionality or quality. 

Our sensors in short:

  • cheap,

  • fit 90% of bins,

  • works on all IoT networks,

  • choice between ultrasonic and ToF

  • cross-platform compatible and,

  • ready to be modified to solve your challenges.

Fill Level

BrighterBins accurately measures the fill level of waste-wells, dustbins, containers, and other bins. It sends data through Sigfox, NB IoT, LoRa, and GSM to either our Smart Platform or a third-party platform.


We take pride in making solutions tailored to customer needs. Due to our open API and motivated team this is made easy for you. Do you have any problem we have yet to solve?

Installment, fit and configuration

Fits 90% of Bins

Our adjustable sensor design enables both side- and top-mount in bins.

The BrighterBins sensor is also 40/60% smaller than other sensors.

Both of these aspects allow a highly universal fit. 


2 steps to install in 15 minutes. Easily done with our installment manual and app.

1. Screw it on, using our readymade stencils. ​2. Turn it on.


Unique adjustable tunnel for side and top mounts. 


Configuration made easy

The configuration is done by scanning a QR-code on the sensor, adding it to your preferred system. 

Effective wireless communication, even in closed metal bins.

BrighterBins a new and better smart garb


130mm x 70mm x 53mm (L x W x H)


  • Fill level detection in 90% of bins

  • Fire detection alert

  • Battery level read

  • Bin pick-up alert

Supported IoT wireless networks

  • LoRaWAN

  • SigFox

  • Narrowband IoT



LoRa: 20-30km

Sigfox: Up to 100km in rural areas

+ others

We'll help you get the coverage you need.


  • Lasts up to 8 years of uninterrupted service - dependent on rate of transmission

  • Non-rechargeable lithium battery

Environmental specifics

Casing: IP65/IP67

Operational temperature range: -20 to +60 degrees Celcius


Remote device management

Some configurables:
1. Measurement intervals

2. Fire alarm threshold

3. Back ground sampling (increasing battery life)

4. Pickup alert configuration

Ready for integration in existing processes and platforms, which means we have and open API.

Features at a glance

2. Our Smart Platform

The BrighterBins' Smart Platform brings a scalable, easy to use, and advanced solution for use in hauling.

  • It informs route-planners on what to prioritize and deprioritize.

  • It gives higher management an overview of statistics, including suggestions and feedback on efficiency.

The platform does this through machine learning and algorithms.


Sensors installed on bins send data to the Smart Platform via Sigfox, NBIoT, GSM or LoRaWan network. The sensors can also send data directly to your platform or a third-party platform because of our open API. 



The platform for everyone

Accessibility and simplicity are the keys to making change easy.

At BrighterBins we don't want to overwhelm haulers with statistics, nor upper management with what turns their haulers should take next.


Our platform gives the right information to the right people, we do this through our different platform components. 

Upper management

Route planners


Through upper-management login, you will get a deeper look into your company's operations and efficiency.

We supply advanced data analytics to provide bi-annual reporting to municipalities and partners for better urban planning. 

Sensor data and machine learning combined is a powerful tool for route planners. 

The Smart Platform learns from your company's behavior and bin fill-levels. The Platform will predict and make suggested actions for holidays, events, and seasons based on previous experience. 

Through our app haulers will get navigation and data analytics in the field. Navigation, routes, data, and communication with offices will all be features of our app. 


Our app is currently in development, set to release in the summer of 2021. 

Platform benefits

Fleet Management

Manage your fleet with ease. Track and communicate with haulers: dispatch jobs, get on-site reports, and more. 

Real Time Routing for trucks 

Route optimizing is crucial in cutting costs, through our app, we deliver real-time routing. Traffic data and fill-levels are used to help create the best route, skipping the empty and almost empty bins. 



Our AI and algorithms will forecast fill levels based on experience. Identify seasonal trends and hidden patterns, and plan accordingly.

Data Integration API

Our sensors offer RESTful API, in other words, we provide seamless integration with third-party systems. The sensors can work with your current software or third-party systems. 

The sensors provide data for analysis, visualization, and storage at your wish. 


The notification terminal monitors the health of sensors, bin conditions, and haulers. It keeps you updated on the status of your assets. 

Reports & Analytics

Get an overview of emissions, fuel consumption, litter, and garbage trends. This data will help you in urban planning, aiding in creating sustainable and clean waste handling.



To effectively manage bin-pickups you can define zones of any shape and size. Zones are a way of organizing pickups, using average fill levels to pick up bins that are close to each other.