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No customer is the same, so neither is our solution.

BrighterBins is constantly taking on new challenges, expanding our product-line with each sale. 

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Read about how our solution is flexible - as is:

Fits most

Universal design:

Our BrightSense module is built with a unique adjustable sensor, meaning it fits more containers.

  • Fits 90% of bins

  • Rugged and small

  • Adjustable tunnel - top and side mount

  • Discrete installation - clean design

  • Up to 8 years on a battery charge

-fits most

Open API:

We're proud of our platform and software, but we understand that you may want to use a third-party platform.


That's why we offer an open API - meaning a direct connection between the BrightSense module and your preferred platform.

Our platform

With our platform your team will get personalized layouts and info based on their role. 

Management will get advanced data analytics to optimize their business.

Route planners will get help from our AI with planning routes based on historic data. 

Haulers will get access to an app that has navigation, reporting, and communications with office. 

Previous cases
-what we've done
- not a uniform solution

We're looking to constantly evolve, adapting to new use-cases, and working with customers to solve their problems. 

The BrighterBins solution has been used in amongst others:

  • Water tanks

  • Textile recycling

  • Pipes

  • Manufacturing plants

  • Industry

  • Cabin waste management

  • + much more

We'll be happy to tell you more

Our Research and Development team is fast on the trigger.

Get in contact with us, and we'll give you an in-depth introduction to alternate solutions we've developed upon request. 

Perhaps somebody has had the exact same issues you have?

Contact us to  book a meeting and learn more.

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